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Contract I.T.


Contract I.T.

There are times when businesses need extra help.  When these additional needs also require specialized skills, reaching out to the friendly neighborhood “temp agency” is usually not an option.  MarinerTek offers staff augmentation services for I.T. needs across a range of specializations.

Special projects are excellent opportunities for MarinerTek engineers or programmers to assist:

  • Working with an in-house team to roll out a specialized solution
  • Providing specialized Help Desk and/or Desktop support for employees on extended leave
  • Augmenting a software development team on a large project

Small to Medium Businesses have distinctly different staff augmentation requirements:

  • Need for a skilled in-house technician 1–3 days per week
  • Regularly scheduled remote check-ins and/or monitoring
  • I.T. Emergency response

Whether strategic initiatives, bridging the “knowledge gaps” or simply providing additional resources, staff augmentation by MarinerTek is an excellent way to address specific needs without hiring additional full-time staff.


MarinerTek deploys a team of highly specialized I.T. professionals to address the needs of both SMB and Enterprise I.T.