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We’ve been around the internet since there has been an internet.

MarinerTek was founded in 1996 by Francis Martin as an internet service provider and web site developer. Operating under the name Marinar Communications, the company offered internet access, web design, e-commerce application development and domain Hosting. In 2001, Marinar acquired Advizex Web and expanded its offerings to include managed hosting and server collocation in order to meet the challenges faced by our clients.

By the end of 2008 Marinar Communications was re-branded as MarinerTek.

The existing Managed Services offered through the MarinerTek Data Center were soon to be augmented by Managed I.T. services at client sites. MarinerTek also embraced VMWare, an emerging product which offered businesses a quantum leap forward in the way servers and server farms are managed.

In 2010 MarinerTek further strengthened our commitment to server virtualization solutions with VMWare by becoming a VMWare Professional Solutions provider. Building a strong team of VMWare professionals is a cornerstone of MarinerTek’s future direction.

Today, MarinerTek is well positioned to offer unparalleled levels of expertise to our clients in the strategically critical areas of I.T. Management, VMWare deployments, Disaster Recovery Planning, Network Security for reliable and cost effective communication networks.