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Recover from a Server Failure
- Without A New Server

Off-Site Backups via Tape, Portable Hard Drive, or Cloud, are a critical component of every Disaster Recovery plan.  These methods are reliable when disasters are restricted to Data Loss.  Disasters involving the total loss of server hardware represent far greater risk to the ongoing viability of the organization.


Recover24 by MarinerTek was developed to address the specific challenges presented when a physical server or an entire network suddenly becomes untenable.  Off-Site Backups are useless without a physical server on which to restore them. Recover24 overcomes this hurdle with cutting edge server imaging software and the MarinerTek Cloud.

How Long Can You Survive
- Without I.T.

Cut off from critical line-of-business software and data, organizations cannot long survive.  Typically, the delivery window for new servers is two weeks or more.  Few businesses can suspend operations for two weeks while awaiting the delivery of new servers.

Engaging a local computer firm or an in-house I.T. technician is expensive and unreliable.  Assuming a new server can be secured in a timely manner, a great deal of manual labor is required to rebuild the environment.  Should the original media, from which the application software was installed, turn up missing or damaged, recovery may be impossible.  Likewise, should the data, which was stored off-site, develop problems, such as an unknown corruption, the recovery effort will fail.

Recover24 Overcomes Obstacles
- Gets Servers On-Line Fast

Severe disasters which destroy entire facilities, such as fire or flood, introduce layers of complexity which are often insurmountable for typical Disaster Recovery plans which rely on off-site data backups.
Recover24 overcomes the obstacles to recovery encountered by traditional off-site backup plans.  Businesses protected by Recover24 are guaranteed to be fully operational within 24 hours of even the most catastrophic disaster without the need for new servers.

Backups, whether on-site or off-site, are designed to make copies of the files and data on a server.  Recover24 functions at a deeper level, making an image of the entire server.  The images are updated every 24 hours and stored in the MarinerTek Cloud.  The image is an exact copy of the entire server.

In the event of a disaster, MarinerTek engineers access the relevant images for the server or servers which have been impacted. Each image is converted to a fully operational server in the MarinerTek Cloud.  These cloud based servers are clones of the original servers.  The applications running on each server are 100% functional and interactive, just as they were on the physical server.

With Recover24 you are literally back in business as though nothing had occurred within 24 hours of a disaster.  The server and software function exactly as they did prior to the event and the data is current to the most recent image update, typically less than 12 hours old.

Once the server or servers have been recovered, users will access the applications via Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection software which is present on all Windows computers.  The location from which you choose to interact with your server is entirely at your discretion.  Some users may log in from home while others from the office or from a public WiFi.  The connection is encrypted so even accessing from the library or a local coffee shop is safe.

Post Recovery Options

After the danger has passed, and the server or servers are fully operational in the MarinerTek cloud, many options exist. Migration back to traditional bare-metal servers is a service offered by MarinerTek. Keeping a server in the MarinerTek Cloud is an option known as Host24.