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Pulling Servers Out of the Cloud
- With Metal24

Cloud technology offers a great degree of cost savings and flexibility.  Many businesses still prefer to maintain their most critical data on servers which are on-site.  This is perfectly understandable and MarinerTek offers a solution designed to transition Host24 and Cloud24 servers back to a traditional environment.

Metal24 is a process by which servers which are currently cloud based are transitioned back onto hardware which will physically reside at the business location.  There are two methods by which to accomplish this procedure.

Virtualization Method

The very existence of Clouds is made possible by an underlying technology called "virtualization".  VMware is one of several vendors of virtualization technology.  MarinerTek utilizes VMware for our Cloud environment and for Metal24.  Simply put, the new physical "target server" will itself be configured with VMware.  This process is known as "laying down the hypervisor".  When the VMware hypervisor is in place, the Host24 or Cloud24 server selected for a Metal24 migration will be cloned onto the target server.

A server which has undergone a Metal24 migration utilizing the Virtualization Methodology is capable of hosting several more “guest servers” beyond the single clone.  MarinerTek has thus created a private cloud which will reside on-site at the business.  This offers the business all the benefits of a cloud environment while providing them the comfort of having their servers stored locally.

Traditional Method

Exiting a cloud environment and transitioning back onto a "bare metal" server, without a Hypervisor, is always an option.  This method delivers the target server back to the business in a  "one server to one operating system" configuration.  This is a platform which is very familiar to most end users.


Metal24 offers two clear paths out of the cloud back to an on-site host environment.

Recover24 provides a Cloud based disaster recovery solution for businesses which literally keeps their doors open in the event of a server disaster.  In many cases this is the difference between staying in or going out of business.

Every business, regardless of size, should protect their servers with Recover24 by MarinerTek.