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Virtual Private Servers; Your Server In The Cloud

Cloud based servers are becoming more common and offer a great number of advantages over traditional physical servers.

The benefits offered by Cloud technology include:

  • On demand access to additional resources
  • Ability to create testing environments
  • Rapid disaster recovery
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Insulation from localized hardware problems
  • Extension of the software life cycle
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Spinning up new cloud servers is a relatively simple process, which is wonderful for new businesses or ad-hoc requirements.

Traditional environments where existing servers host line-of-business software have, until now, been unable to benefit from the advantages offered by cloud technology.

MarinerTek’s Host24 product allows businesses with traditional I.T. environments to leverage cloud technology for greater strategic advantage.

Employing the same server imaging technology which powers the MarinerTek Recover24 system, a traditional business server can be transported into the MarinerTek Cloud. The cloud based clone is an exact, fully functional replica of the traditional "physical server".

Host24 Maximizes Flexibility

Many options exist for the Host24 server once it is live in the MarinerTek Cloud.

Legacy Applications on Aging Hardware

Businesses have come to rely upon software which is specific or unique to their organization or their industry.  In many cases, a specific older version of software is preferred over newer versions.

Custom software also falls under this umbrella.  In these cases, as server hardware ages, maintaining the specific software becomes difficult. Compounding this situation is the all too common "lost media" conundrum.  Should the original media from which an old but relevant version of software be lost, transitioning to a new server is all but impossible.  The end result is that when the old server fails, the specific software is no longer viable.

Host24 solves this problem by imaging the existing servers and transitioning that image as a fully functional server into the MarinerTek cloud. Through this process, old but relevant software and custom software have a new and indefinite lease on life.

Create Test Environments

A common problem encountered in traditional environments relates to software upgrades.  Applying patches or upgrades to both the Windows operating system and various line-of-business applications is always risky.

Creating a "restore point", the commonly accepted practice in such cases, offers protection against most short term crisis which manifest themselves during the upgrade.  Restore points do not offer adequate protection against problems which arise later, after the server has been in use for some time.

Creating a Host24 clone allows for the ongoing operation of a test environment without the need to purchase and configure a new server. Just as with Recover24, an image is created and transported into the MarinerTek cloud.  This clone will then operate as a test platform which eliminates all risk from software upgrades.  During a typical line-of-business software test, the Host24 clone will first, be copied and archived for rapid recovery purposes.  The upgrade test can then be conducted in the Cloud environment without risking impact to the production environment.


Host24 delivers the benefits of Cloud technology to legacy environments at a very low cost.  Depending on the specific implementation, additional Microsoft licensing may be required.