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Securely Store Bulk Data
- With DataVault24

Businesses regularly generate large volumes of data.  A portion of this material is dynamically changing on a daily or weekly basis.  The vast majority of data files stored on a typical file server are seldom accessed.

Typically large amounts of network storage are required for images, CAD drawings, videos, business documents and miscellaneous files.  This data is all critically important and should be archived off-site for security and recoverability.

DataVault24 augments Recover24 for this specific task.

During the Recover24 setup process, large storage archives will be designated as DataVault24 targets.

DataVault24 repositories are evaluated against the following parameters:

  • Overall Size of the Archive
  • Percentage of change on a daily basis
  • Available bandwidth for outbound transmissions

Based on the results of the evaluation, a DataVault24 plan will be developed which ensures the highest degree of recoverability at a reasonable cost.

DataVault24 is an add-on to Recover24 for the off-site storage of bulk data.  Due to the complexities inherent in managing large volumes of data, DataVault24 pricing is quoted separately.