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Virtual Private Networks; Isolated & Secure

Cloud24 was engineered from the ground up to be truly unique in the Cloud Hosting market space.  Recognizing the need for more than simple one-off, stand alone servers, Cloud24 was architected to host entire networks ranging from a few cloud servers to hundreds or even thousands.

MarinerTek’s Cloud structure allows for the creation of entire cloud based networks with an unlimited number of private IP’s and full netBIOS broadcast support with zero bleed-over to adjacent cloud networks.  Security in such an environment is absolutely critical.  Cloud24’s design structure is truly unique, allowing for independent networks to co-exist without any cross visibility.

The design of Cloud24 allows for true SMB & CIFS resource sharing within the dedicated cloud network while at the same time having no concerns that other Cloud networks have access to open shares within your environment.

MarinerTek’s unique and highly secure approach to netBIOS management permeates our entire Cloud, thus all cloud hosting services (Host24 & Cloud24) benefit from the design.

Cloud24 comes in two flavors, Managed and Un-Managed

Both offer the same benefits inherent in Cloud technology:

  • On demand access to additional resources
  • Ability to create testing environments
  • Rapid Disaster recovery
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Insulation from localized hardware problems
  • Extension of the Software Life Cycle

Cloud24 Un-Managed

Cloud24 Unmanaged is designed for I.T. professionals or those well versed in server management.  Unmanaged servers are set up to perform exactly as though they were in your own physical environment.  The end-user has complete administrative control over every aspect of the environment. Complex networks complete with multiple Active Directory controllers, SQL, IIS and Terminal Services servers can be created.  There are no limitations of any kind placed on servers in this environment.

Another interesting characteristic of the Cloud24 Unmanaged environment is the ability for Host24 and Cloud24 servers to co-exist within the same private cloud network.  This means that you could virtualize an existing physical Active Directory server and then spin up a brand new Cloud24 Active Directory server within the same private cloud network.

"MarinerTek designed Cloud24 Unmanaged for users who desire the benefits of Cloud technology without the restrictions imposed by the highly restrictive Clouds currently on the market." — Francis Martin, President

Cloud24 Managed

MarinerTek’s managed version of Cloud24 offers a very stable environment with a higher degree of structure.  All the same capabilities regarding unlimited numbers of privately addressed servers as found in Cloud24 Unmanaged and Host24 exist.

Cloud24 Managed can best be described as a high-end gated community.  MarinerTek takes care of all the "common area" responsibilities such as snow plowing, cutting the grass, ensuring security and updating common areas.

The actual contents of the servers, the line-of-business applications and related software can either be managed by MarinerTek or by a 3rd party at the discretion of the client.

Cloud24 Managed offers the following services:

  • Centralized User Management for all AD domains
  • Windows Updates for all cloud servers
  • Anti-Virus protection for all cloud servers
  • Log File reviews for all cloud servers
  • Performance adjustments as required per server basis

Cloud24 Managed offers the following for an extra fee:

  • Line-of-Business Application Support
  • Line-of-Business Application Maintenance
  • Custom Modification of servers for specific needs
  • Programming and Application development
  • Real World Cloud Connectivity Support
  • Miscellaneous Ad-Hoc Requests


Cloud24 offers both the Power User and the non-technical client a powerful and highly secure Cloud environment.