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Custom web-based ERP

The client, a managed care organization. Serves as an intermediary between the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and the companies/workers.

Their Pain: The client has a need to communicate large amounts of data back and forth with the BWC. This data needs to be communicated using EDI standards defined by the BWC. The client had a system in place for generating/transmitting/retrieving this data that could take upwards of multiple days to complete. This system had to be replaced with a system that could execute much faster and more efficiently while also maintaining 100% accuracy of data.

The Solution: MarinerTek professionals were able to implement a system that imports/exports/parses/encrypts/decrypts all EDI transactions with the BWC with 100% accuracy, while also keeping detailed logs of each transaction. The new system executes all of these processes in no more than 10 minutes, as opposed to the multi day process that the old system could take.

MarinerTek, an NWBOC and WBENC certified woman owned small business headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, specializes in custom software development, mobile application programming, .NET, SQL, SharePoint and SalesForce integration.

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