Welcome to MarinerTek!


MarinerTek, an NWBOC certified woman owned small business headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, specializes in I.T. Systems Engineering, SharePoint & .NET Programming, Managed Services and Cloud Solutions.

As an Enterprise Partner with both VMware and Citrix, MarinerTek provides certified engineers capable of designing, supporting, reviewing and/or optimizing data-center Cloud and end-user VDI environments.

Leveraging this highly stable and extensible environment with tools which empower the end-user leads to greater productivity and efficiency. SharePoint by Microsoft is one of the most crucial tools available; enhancing collaboration and information management across the organization.

MarinerTek has extensive experience planning and deploying SharePoint; ensuring proper integration within the existing environment.

Performance and the ability to scale over time are crucial for successful adoption and utilization of SharePoint. Leveraging the concept of a common “fabric” and the .NET framework, MarinerTek programmers, develop custom tools which empower SharePoint end-users; dramatically increasing their levels of efficiency.

On-going support of both virtualized infrastructure and SharePoint systems is critical for continued success. MarinerTek offers both custom and standardized Managed Service plans.